The Condom barrier

A condom is a barrier appliance that is generally used by men and women to reduce the changes of a pregnancy or  attracting a sexual transmitted disease (commonly known as STD)
Even though there is evidence that condoms has been used for almost 400 years, Condoms were only officially produced in 1920. It was made from rubber. It was only later in 1930 that latex was used.
The condom is put on a males erect penis and actually blocks the semen from entering the body of the sexual partner.  In the last 15 years the condom has become one the biggest important tools for men that are sexually active and have multiple sexual partners.  There are multiple varieties on the market today. This includes ultra thin, extra size and so called Controlled condoms which are marketed for people suffering from premature ejaculation.

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How to use Condoms

Latex condoms is basically a barrier between two partners having sex. In most cases condoms are attached to avoid pregnancy or getting affected with an STD.  Male condoms keeps the semen fluid from entering the vagina and thus avoid any change of impregnating the women. The latex sleeve are placed on top of the guy’s erect penis and rolled down to the base. At the bottom and extra space has been placed for the semen after the male ejaculates. After ejaculation the male should remove the latex sleeve while the penis is still erect, to avoid that any of the semen enters the vagina.