Dildos and Dongs

The dildo novelty toy if often phallic in its appearance.  It generally resembles a penis and it’s used for masturbation or as an intimate toys for partners... male or female.  It most cases these phalluses are much bigger than a normal penis. It was designed for vaginal penetration even though it is totally not the true size of a normal penis. To choose a dong depends on your personal desire. 

Choosing your Perfect dildo

When choosing your perfect dill your first criteria would be size. In some cases when a vibrator is not enough anymore, some women turn to the dill option. Dongs come in different sizes from small to huge dildos. Choosing your size also depends on your personal desires. It has to be noted that not all women prefer a huge or brutal dildo. Before purchasing  you have to imagine what you crave for in a adult toy. After choosing your size you may want to think what kind of texture does the skin need to be. The newer ones are known as Cybercocks . Their material are made from cyberskin which feels extremely realistic to the touch.  Your next question would have to be what sort of design would you prefer. In some cases you can enjoy a curved dill which can hit that G-spot effortlessly.  These are extremely popular among couple use.

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With all these wonder full novelty toys to choose from, we sometimes neglect the classic dong.  Before the peak of erotic toys females only used dildos to enhance their sex life. If you want a straight forward satisfaction, you should invest into a dong. They come in an array of colours, sizes and shapes. They are designed to deliver penetrative pleasure unlike anything you have ever felt before. Here at Homebase we provide you the dill paradise.

Our Dildo choices as follows:

  • Realistic Dongs:  As the name suggest these were designed to look exactly like the real thing. This includes veins, hair and even testicles.
  • Large or Brutal Dildos: Bigger is always better. True in this case. Do you need something more, want to slip into something you may not be able to handle? We have a large range of extra size large dildos that will take you to new level of pleasure. You may want to checkout out the Giga Dong(The legend of the Brutal Dong)
  • Glass dildo: Want something different. Do you want something smooth and satisfying for external and internal massage? These are made from reinforced glass which basically means it will not break.
  • The Jelly dildo: We have an extensive range of Jelly dongs. From lively and luminous aesthetics, to the most lifelike and classicly tailored , These male replica phalluses offer sturdiness and elasticity for anal or vaginal pleasures.
  • Strap on dildo: Yes get ready to strap it on. Reverse the roles for once and see what you have been missing.
Whatever your fancy you are at the right place. It does not matter if you looking for a realistic soft to the touch penis or even a luminous adult toy. We just may have the answer. Checkout our extensive catalogue.