Lelo sex toys

Lelo Sex Toys

Lelo is a Swedish company founded in 2003. Lelo’s founder’s Sedic, Kalen and Magnuson founded Lelo because they could not believe that there was no sex toy maker that was producing sex toys that was representing any sort of aesthetic design or quality for that matter.

After extensive research they found that there was a definite need for sex toys that take style to another level. Women do not want cheap plastic vibes anymore, they want sensual toys that follow a women’s female form, made from quality material and of course know how to please.

Today Lelo is known around the globe as a the company that offers the most incredible sex toys. The story goes that 3 guys went out to find a sex toy for their wives but could not find anything that they thought were beautiful. What followed were Lelo


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Lelo company mission statement has always been to improve on existing sex products functionality but also to improve on its sexiness.

These gorgeous and luxurious designs has prompt users to agree on it bold tagline “Lust, Objectified” At the Lelo headquarters we refer to these toys as Intimate lifestyle accessories. Even though Lelo toys has grown in size, they commitment to style, quality and luxury design still the same as they open their doors in 2003

Lelo Receive Award

The Lelo Range has recently won the prestige’s AVN 2011 Awards for “Best Sex Toy Company” The AVN Awards are movie award funded and presented by the American-Adult video production to honor outstanding performances in the Adult-Industry. Lelo has also start to diverse their production line to also include BDSM Accessories and Lingerie.