Jimmy Jane Form 2

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The Jimmy Jane Form 2 is a Water resistant Rechargeable Vibrator which has two ears. Both ears have a motor for double the level of intensity. Produced from phthalate-free silicone as well as stainless-steel, it is body friendly as well.  The portable design and style provides stronger vibrations than any item of its size.
Every versatile ear is internally operated for powerful stimulus. Visualize it as “Impression in Stereo”. 

Jimmy Jane Form 2 Product Details

The Jimmy Jane Form 2 model has been influenced by the well-known rabbit vibrator, although optimizing only its very best abilities. Form 2 possesses two motors, a single one in every ear, which vibrate in unison and both are manipulated with an intelligent button control with adjustable vibrations and speeds. The ears are most flexible, the feeling is less of a fluttering vibration, and more like an intense and pulsing sensation.  It has 5 levels of intensity configurations and four vibrating settings, ensuring several hours of enjoyment. 
Recharging Form 2 couldn't be simpler and easier - you merely put it on the re-charging stand and the battery light will indicate when the recharge is complete. The Jimmy Jane Form 2 testimonials are remarkable and as one sex toy professional puts it, "it's like there's a little street festival going on in your very own vibrator." Jimmy Jane's Form 2 vibrator sends the consumer on a vibrant and intensely erotic expedition with infinite creative opportunities to enjoy yourself.
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  • Brand: JimmyJane
  • Colour:  Black
  • Material: Silicone
  • Lube Type: Water Based
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Jimmy Jane Form 2 Product Information

  • Honour Prize winner – IDEA Accolade , Fleshbot 2009 #1 Sex Toy of the Year, AVN "O" Prize for Exceptional Advancement
  • Body-Safe and Phthalate-Free – Medical-grade, platinum silicone as well as stainless steel
  • Impressive – Twin motors, one in each ear
  • Versatile Placement – For exterior and clitoral stimulus
  • Convenient Control buttons – Four vibration settings, five power levels
  • Water-proof – Bath-friendly not to mention totally washable without any leaky adapter jack
  • Cordless Recharging – Simply place on the charging base
  • Travel-Ready – All set with hassle-free button lock
  • Jimmy Jane Form 2 has a very high performance lithium polymer battery – Operates as much as 7+ hours on a single charge
  • Dimensions – 3 .25" x 2 .0" at widest point.

Customer Reviews

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I bought the JimmyJane Vibrator on all the good reviews I have read on this website. I have to say I was not disappointed. Everything that was mentioned on this site is true. This toy has the ability to provide sensation within a minute of use. I don’t want to repeat the other reviews but we I have to agree with all of them and mention again the power of this little toy and its twin motors. It’s small enough to fit in my small hands and extremely quiet. I have used in the bath and in the shower on more than one occasion. The shape of the Form 2 makes it possible for stimulate both the clitoral area and inside the vagina. All in all one of the best Jimmy toys I have ever used.

I received the Jimmy Form 2 for Christmas and I have to say that this sexy toy unquestionably the most amazing adult toy I have ever used. The power the Jimmy form generates is absolutely phenomenal. It does not have any batteries and is fully rechargeable after a couple of hours of use. I have not used in shower as yet but I am told by the packaging that the Form 2 is fully waterproof… even in the bathtub. I have found it to be more for clitoral use. I have also used it while having sex. We placed the form between us while having intercourse. My partner has mentioned that he could feel the vibration through me. He said it’s rather enjoyable and would not mind if we use this toy more than once.
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