Clone-A-Willy Kit

Clone-A-Willy Kit

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Make an Exact Vibrating Rubber copy of your PENIS! “Use Hollywood's latest cutting-edge technology to immortalize yourself just like the stars do".  Includes everything you need to make an exact rubber copy of yourself in your own home.

Clone A Willy Information

Now you can have a vibrating version of your guy’s penis to keep with you always. Perfect for when he goes on a business trip and you cannot join him, with the Clone A Willy kit at least a part of him will always be with you. It's also great for guys who want an improved version of their own penis, just think, this one vibrates and it will never get soft so you can always satisfy your hunny!
The kit comes with everything you need to make a vibrating replica of your penis

Steps for Clone A Willy Kit

  1. Mix water with specially timed molding powder
  2. Insert your willy into the molding tube until it solidifies
  3. Pour the rubber into the mold
  4. Wait 24 hours and remove your new vibrator!
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  • 100% Discreet - Send by Courier or Post
  • Weight: 0.50
  • Brand: Empire Labs
  • Delivery Time: 3 to 10 Working Days

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

All I can say is fun, fun, fun… It has to be the coolest thing I have ever tried in my whole life. Some of the reviews on sites have mentioned that its actually a waste of time but it worked first time for us. I think people don’t read the instruction as they should. The directions is detailed so if you if you read them totally for you start you should not experience any issues. After you are done you would have a clone replica of your member. It is exactly a clone of you penis with every vein muscle displaying as it should. I decided not add the added vibrator onto mine as I was worried that I may mess up the Clone. One of the things that I did notice was that the pubic hair almost ended up inside the moulding…. So shave off a bit before you start your cloning process

Hallo, we purchase the clone will on a whip after seeing it in a advertisement when we were overseas. My hubby is in the navy so we thought why not “clone him” while he is away. Before you do anything make sure you create your “monster” in a place where you can dirty the floor as it can become horribly messy if you don’t watch out. Except for the messy part I don’t think I have ever had so much fun creating a clone penis.
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