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Fleshlight is the highest selling male sex toy in the world. With almost 2 million units sold in 2010 it is fast becoming the Adult Toy of the 21st century.

Even though there is multiple vagina sleeves, nothing compares with the raw ability of the fleshlight sleeve. The Fleshlight Original are made from high quality materials that feel exactly like real human skin. The skin imitate the feeling of vagina skin. Thus when inserting your penis inside the device it feels like you having penetrative sex.

The fleshlight comes in an beautiful looking casing which hence the name looks exactly like a owersize flashlight. It’s easy to store and a delight to clean.

The fleshlight was named after its flesh like material used in its inner sleeve. The flashlights comes in Vulva, mouth, anus and has 2 distinct colors Fleshlike and Ice. Checkout our large selection of fleshlights and accessories.

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Shubin the creator of Fleshlight reminisce of the day when he and his wife could not have sex. He decided that he had to build a substitute until they could again have sex again. After building apparatus and receiving a patent on the idea, they started to market it and after a couple of months later made their first sale. The stamina training unit flashlight has been built to improve your sexual stamina. For guys having issues with premature ejaculation this toys can come in very handy. Training yourself with this toy will defnitly improve your sexual stamina and thus improve your normal sex life.