Female G-Spot Vibrators

The female g-spot has been in the news for the last 15 years.  For years men and women alike believe this region is a myth of sorts.  With adult toys becoming more and more prevalent the g-spot has once again came into the limelight. These vibrators are specifically designed like a curved phallus, reaching the anterior area of the female vagina where the g-spot is located. These areas are extremely sensitive to the touch but because of its awkward position it is not easy to stimulate. The head of these vibrators is slightly curved which enables the user to stimulate the g-spot area with greater ease.

Looking for the perfect G-spot Vibrator

If you are looking for the perfect g-spot vibe, you have come the right place.  SexToyland have a wonderful selection of g-spot vibrators for you to choose from. It does not matter if you are a guy or a girl… you most probably have heard amazing stories about that wonderful magic spot inside a women, that if properly motivated can bring forth sexual ecstasy like none other.  The G-spot does exist; it just has to be located.  This area is known to be extremely sensitive to touch.

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Finding the G-spot using your toy 

The friendly spot is situated along the front-upper wall of the vagina. It’s about 2 inches inside. First thing to do is to relax. Lie on your back. Insert your vibrator into your vagina en gently using the g-vibe to stroke the front wall behind the pubic bone.  To a normal hand this area would have a different feel.  At this point the vibe would take over and from here on end you should be able to help yourself :-)

We at Sextoyland have many types of g-spot massagers and g-spot vibrators, with thousands of different sizes and shapes. You may require a vibe that can provide clitoral stimulation for insane orgasms or you can go for a couple-friendly vibrator that you can use with your partner.  The We-Vibe 3 is perfect for use by two lovers. Not only does it have a g-spot option but can also be used by couples whilst having intercourse.

Male And Female G-Spot Vibrators

Female g-spot vibrators are shaped like a phallus with a slight curve at the end of the vibe. This curve is used to arouse the female spot within the Vagina. Female G-spot vibes are specifically designed to help the user locate that elusive satisfaction-spot, to arouse the user to new heights of pleasure like never before.

Male G-spot vibrators are usually designed with a smoothed-rounded head to be inserted inside the anus and stimulate the prostate gland. Our company cater for both male and females.

Some women have mentioned that using these tools they have strengthened their orgasms and even allow them to become multi-orgasmic.